by swoon

What would happen if those wailing female voices from many an electronica track actually had something to say? T.H.C., I guess. Sarah Folkman’s throaty vocalizations over electronic tracks by George Sarah give their music a less-that-detached feel, which is rare in electronic genres.

I was ready to dismiss this duo as an electronic Golden Palominos rip-off (much due to Folkman’s multi-layered sing-speak), but I found that there was more ambition to their music as I got deeper into their 8-song demo.

“Girlflesh,” a song full of wispy whispers and equally subtle music (which happens to be a favorite of Jed the Fish on KROQ), is not as impressive as the tracks where they show their harder edge. “DIP” and “Darjeeling” are two high points of the release, demonstrating both good taste in jungle beats and complementary instrumentation (staccato synth strings in this case).

T.H.C. are from Los Angeles, so if you see them on the street, wish them luck, accept a flyer for their next show, and consider actually going…

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